His stretches show completely his personal observation and understanding
of the objects of painting. Once stimulated, the passion must be poured
entirely on his drawing board and drained from his mind, with the
painters intuition, emotion and simultaneous inspirations. Up to now he
has persisted in painting from life and sketching from nature. His
devotion to arts enables him to create pictures with different styles
and flavors; delicate differences in complicated changes in light and
shade; compact lines across false of true; motions with vitality and
traced of instantly-changing perceptions. Like his stretches, his oil
painting entails rich and vivid detail depiction, interesting and
inspired description of the framework—all that displays the secrets of
life and beauty of human nature: quiet, stern, soft, soberWith the
Chinese culture rotted deeply in his heart, people can always from his
works strongly sense the existence of his oriental origin, in spite of
the fact that he has resided in the west for 16 years.

美高梅手机登录网站,From his personal experience, Leis art naturally establishes close
connection with todays urban life. He has increasingly stepped farther
away from the traditional life philosophy that artists should be
indifferent to fame, wealth or other secular affairs; instead, he tends
to draw nearer and nearer to worldly life in the consumer era.
Apparently he is aware that those existing cultural symbols from
agrarian time has a hard time to fit into the urban culture
characterized by indulgence and desires. Ever since modern times (the
industrial civilization), mans excessive exploitation of natural
resources has led to increasingly serious environmental pollution; the
harmony between man and nature has gone. The disrespect of nature has
posed a threat to human itself, pushing people to reflect on their
behaviors. Facing this fact, art, if still repeating the past peace and
tranquility, is certainly not able to reflect the complex relations
between man and nature, for the idyllic vision can by no means help with
the spiritual dilemma of people in modern times. Therefore, it has to be
figured out how ink painters can lead themselves into a contemporary
culture and how they can integrate their art into a new cultural
context. From Leis recent works (like Pool of the Immortals, Breaking
Wings, Falling in Six Sensual Traps, Sunset Glow, Holy Water etc.), all
of which are like urban allegories, it is not difficult to notice that
he presents his understanding of the reflections on the living state of
urban people. Few examples can be found in todays ink paintings that can
connect so closely with peoples current life as Leis works do.

His art is a kind of art that has been changed to the idea of life
experience and caring about society from formalism of writing images. It
is a change from brush-ink centralism to water and ink material. This
reform brought a rebuilding after activation by canceling the
abstractedness of centered writing to painting.


However, this is not what I feel when I see Leis works. He gives me the
feeling that painting, for him, is something that couldnt be more
natural, that painting is exactly an aspect and a presentation of his
life. He gives me the feeling that there is no psychological block on
his way to painting. He does not confine himself to any profession for
only painting certain items. Neither subjects nor materials can pose
restrictions on his creation because painting for him is as natural as
writing a diary; so long as he has got some inspirations in mind, he can
paint whatever he likes, caring nothing about the shape, color, brush or
ink. He gives me the feeling that painting is just a by-product of his
life, rather than a goal requiring purposeful chase. His goal is the
enrichment of life itself. So long as he owns a fruitful life, he owns
everything, with no exception of art. He gives me the feeling that he
does not worry at all whether his painting is going to be a good or a
bad one. He, intentionally or unintentionally, goes back to an
unskillful and primitive state, back to a state of knowing no skills in
painting. You may even say that his works are bad paintings, without
framework or norms, fixed routines or stereotypes, not to mention the
removal of all the have-to-be restraints. Therefore, it seems to me that
he is completely free from all limits; painting is even just like
graffiti for him. I feel no heaviness or obstruction from his works. He
even enjoys the excitement brought by new media beyond the boundary of
ink painting, without the guilt of tasting the forbidden fruit.

-Dao Zi


It is in this sense that I feel that Leis paintings are changing and
developing with himself as well as his emotional experiences. Take his
paintings about love for example. In 90s, most of his works on this
subject wore the air of gentleness and tenderness of love, depicting
young boys and girls who fall in love for the first time sitting
quietly, walking, wandering, having fun and chatting intimately. Only in
their mind do they taste the mystery and happiness of staying together
with the opposite sex. The adolescent embrace of love is innocent,
everlasting, beyond words, sentimental, vague and above all romantic.
After he stepped into a new stage of life, we can thus see that in these
paintings, the shy hand-holding scenes have been replaced by passionate
embrace, and sensation of love has transferred into sexual love. The
long, endless embrace is no longer sentimental or uncertain; it is a
physical touch of the body, and also a dialogue between souls. These
expressions, of course, are consistent with Leis own emotional and life
experiences. Therefore, what they present is a true procession of life,
an exteriorization of experience, and is also where the vitality and
inspiration of art lie.

He is a contemporary artist successfully foregoing from traditional
calligraphy, from his own special background and his current feeling,
from China art. Shao Yan paint emphasis on life experience, emphasizing
the outbreak of an instant emotional expression. He works without sense
of design, it is very meaningful.



Shao Yan has rich exploration in his art practice. He is trying to
promote his works from moderncalligraphy to abstractive art. He involved
his status and understanding of life in to every time of his creativity.
And he developed his unique writing style to be behavior art. Finally he
mixed the trace of ink behavior and water to be art works.



-Wang Yong


Art and Man-What I think of Lei Zirens painting

-Liu Xiaochun

Julien Fang, a artist enjoying a fame both in the east and the west,
chooses stretches his most direct and sincere way to intensively express
is soul and talents.


I think Shao Yan can become research specimens of Chinese contemporary
art in the moment.He is a very natural outcome of the development of30
years development of modern and contemporary art. His art contains many
elements of Chinese culture that has been conversedvery good, very